About me

👋 Hey folks,

This is Sandeep here. You can call me Sam if that is easier.

I have been training business and marketing courses for last 10+ years in Melbourne, Australia.

As teachers/trainers, we are expected to make sure that we provide the best content to the students/learners (which we don't mind) but with limited resources available. Most of the time, it is a struggle to find them especially if you work for small schools, colleges with limited budgets.

And we know how much money teacher and trainers get paid to find the fancy tools and pay them out of their own pockets to make classes more interesting, informative and engaging.

So over the years, I have been using various tools that are not only great to use but FREE as well. I really love using these tools and undoubtedly, these tools have made my life a heck lot easier. Seriously! (Makes me look good in front my bosses) 😉

I really salute all these people who have done such a great work for everyone to provide these free tools and resources.

I am just compiling them on this website and trying to make this as biggest repository for tools and resources for any teacher or trainer around the world.

Plus, I am also planning to create some free in-class activities, case studies, (specially for business and marketing subjects) etc. on a monthly basis (hopefully) to help other teachers out.

If you think I am missing any tool on the list or would like to contribute to writing some free content for other teachers, please reach out to me on Linkedin.

Apart from this, I also run a startup for international students in Australia, Overseas Students Australia. Come and say hi on one of weekly videos on our YouTube channel.

I would also like to acknowledge my younger brother (Rubal Sharma) who helped me to code this website for all of us. Thank you ❤️

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