Dropbox Class Activity

Dropbox does not need any introduction.

We all used or currently using the services of Dropbox for our cloud storage needs.

But it is also important to know that this small startup went from 100,000 users to 4,000,000 in matter of 15 months with very little money spent on advertising in 2009.

While, there are many case studies you can read on Dropbox strategy online (example here). Here are some key takeaways from this growth:

👉 Make product really simple and easy for users

👉 Don't hesitate to ask people to refer their friends and reward both parties

👉 Make invitations for people so easy that they want to invite others

👉 Make rewards visible for the users

👉 Use social media for more viral sharing

👉 Implement a 360 growth hacking strategy


1. What is the type of marketing used by Dropbox to grow its business? (Hint: Check the image above)

2. What kind of reward is given to user for getting friends to sign up?

3. Which other business you have seen using this kind of strategy to grow their business?

4. Do you think strategy will work in 2021 and beyond? Why or why not?

5. What are some ways you can scale up growth in your business using learnings from Dropbox?

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